Saudi Stunner AlUla announces incredible series of festivals



They call it the Masterpiece of the World, one of the most amazing destinations on the Arabian Peninsula – better yet, one of the most important archaeological destinations for travelers all over the world. The place they are talking about is AlUla, a city in northwestern Saudi Arabia that is, like the country as a whole, going through a kind of revolution. Filled with archaeological wonders, the city is reaping the rewards of a $ 20 billion development deal that promises to be a world-class tourist hotspot and center of art and culture in Saudi Arabia.

Much of this is a spectacular series of festivals and events over a period of four months, starting with the “Winter at Tonara” festival, from December 21, 2021 to February 12, 2022. For six incredible weeks the festival will feature a host of musical and artistic events, starting with the Candlelight Symphony Concert in the town of Hegra – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and will feature a host of equestrian events, including a high fashion parade couture, Ikmah Fashion Calvary. During this time, the new Citrus Festival – an ode to Alula’s prized produce – will take place in Harrat Uwayrid, one of the region’s many volcanic basalt fields. A series of archaeological and cultural workshops are also expected to take place at other unique heritage sites, with a special live immersion show scheduled in the old town oasis of AlUla.

In its wake, the AlUla Arts Festival will run throughout February 2022 and celebrate AlUla through a wide range of exhibitions. One of the highlights is ‘Art of Our Time’, a showcase of some of Saudi Arabia’s greatest contemporary artists, while ‘AlJaddidah’ will showcase a vibrant assortment of artistic experiences held at the Oasis and at the cinema in outdoor El Housh.

A new concept, ‘Alula Skies’, will start from February 27 and run until March 12, showcasing AlUla’s extraordinary geological landscapes from the air, in a hot air balloon, vintage plane or helicopter. Meanwhile, the simple pleasure of stargazing receives a high-tech update with “Constellations”, a unique visual and sound experience.

For those looking for rest and relaxation, the AlUla Oasis will be transformed into a wellness and healing center for the “AlUla Wellness Festival”, which will take place from March 17 to 27, with the “Five Senses Sanctuary ”offering travelers a holistic range of mind, body and soul experiences through yoga, meditation and other practices. For an endorphins boosting activity, the ‘Eco-Trail’ invites travelers to trek through the city’s rock formation and natural wonders, while the ‘AlUla Oasis Fitness Infusion’ challenges visitors to take guided fitness classes. by experts.


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