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He legally changed his name to a Bond villain. Then he planned for daddy’s death, the cops say.

Last summer, former Colorado Springs attorney Jean-Joseph Danger Le Chiffre found out that he had not been included in his father’s will and was apparently furious. Le Chiffre would kill his father, Gilbert Sandoval, and his 78-year-old mother would then claim that she did so in self-defense. Marcella, who was estranged from Gilbert, would then become her husband’s beneficiary and pledge to share the fortune with her son, but Le Chiffre, 55, who was born Patrick Joseph Sandoval and legally changed his name to the villainous Bond. of Casino Royale sometime before the murder apparently didn’t count on two things going wrong.Philly DA Candidate forced to speak to paralegal found dead in her mansion In court hearing Friday, covered by The Colorado Springs Gazette, police presented their case against Le Chiffre and Sandoval for the first time, including the missteps that ultimately tripped the couple. At the end of July, Le Chiffre and Marcella executed their plan, according to the police. Marcella brought her ex-husband to the basement of a house they owned in condominiums, where Le Chiffre was waiting with a baseball bat. He would have beaten Gilbert to death. Police say they found the bloodstained and cracked Louisville Slugger next to his body.After his father’s death, Le Chiffre used a knife to cut off his mother’s arms and hands to make it look like she had been attacked, officials said. He left the knife next to his father’s body. But, police said in Friday’s half-day hearing, investigators were immediately suspicious when they went to the scene of the murder and had to physically escort Marcella around the house because she was in such poor health. How, they wondered, could the 78-year-old have beaten a man to death with a baseball bat and withstood a knife attack, if she couldn’t even stand on her own? Okay, Marcella turned on her son and decided to become a state witness. In a court statement in August, she described the lengthy planning that followed the murder. “She was tired of the way Gilbert treated her, was part of it, and the other part was financial – that Mr. Le Chiffre had been left out of the will,” Detective Marcus Lehmkuhl said at the time. But, in yet another twist, the Le Chiffre public defender suggested during Friday’s hearing that Le Chiffre’s brother, former Colorado Springs cop Mark Sandoval, had gotten inside their mind. mother and had manipulated her memory of the events. His lawyers also disputed the alleged motive, saying Le Chiffre could still have claimed part of his father’s inheritance, and claimed there was no physical evidence linking him to the scene. enough evidence to convict Le Chiffre of first degree murder, and he ordered Le Chiffre to be held without bail. Le Chiffre pleaded not guilty to all counts. As part of her deal with the police, Marcella Sandoval was charged with aiding and abetting murder. She pleaded guilty last year and faces two years of probation, according to court documents. Register now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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