Showcasing Indigenous art through fashion

The second annual Indigenous Fashion Show hosted by Heart of the City gave Indigenous fashion designers the opportunity to show off their unique creations on Saturday.

The event featured the works of three designers, Heather Bouchier, Acahkos Designs and Kiera-Dawn Kolson.

“A lot of the designs use native mediums, in my collection I work with horsehair,” Bouchier said. “It’s important for us to integrate our culture with modern fashion.”

The event began as a way to showcase the unique art of the Aboriginal community.

“(Fashion) is not as recognized as an art as it should be,” said Corine Demas, president of Heart of the City Festival Society. “We really try to create a community here and these designers are an integral part of our community.

“They are all very involved in the community and we just wanted to give them the opportunity to shine.”

Twelve Indigenous models showed off the fashions, which Bouchier said are gaining recognition.

“Today, with reconciliation, we want to start promoting as many Indigenous artists as possible,” added Bouchier. “Indigenous culture and Indigenous fashion are becoming a big thing…we’re kind of going through this renaissance and it’s pretty amazing.”

The show also held a clothing drive looking for winter clothes in particular.

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