SoulCycle Sells Spin Studio Bikes As Part Of Covid-19 Class Restructuring


SoulCycle UK has sent out a letter to subscribers offering their studio bikes for sale. They are not normally available for purchase.

SoulCycle has been contacted for comment on this move. He did not respond at the time of posting. But the intuitive conclusion is that the company has a small fleet of bikes to unload, following a reorganization of SoulCycle’s classes to adhere to social distancing advice.

The bikes on offer are new, not covered in a thin layer of dried sweat, and cost £ 1,530 including tax (~ $ 2,033).

The company made a $ 2,500 in-home version of the bikes used in its classes, but these are not yet available in the UK. You’re saving $ 500 on the SoulCycle At-Home bike, but you’re missing out on a few features.

There is no 21.5-inch screen and no mention of the Stages power meter. However, the Studio bike likely has a power meter as it is required for SoulCycle’s SoulBeat feature. This recaps your ride stats after a class in the SoulCycle app.

How does this compare to the alternatives? The Peloton bike costs $ 2,245, the Nordictrack S22i $ 1,999 (plus $ 199 shipping) and the Echelon EX3 $ 1,199. SoulCycle bikes are among the most expensive for home video workouts.

SoulCycle Inventory

SoulCycle sites in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom closed on March 16 and 17. Its studios in Soho and Notting Hill in London have since reopened in accordance with government advice.

Classes in the United States are currently limited to SoulOutside sessions. SoulOutside was introduced on August 5 and involves placing SoulCycle bikes outside, six feet apart, and using headphones rather than an audio system. There are SoulOutside locations in New York, LA, Atlanta, Santa Monica, and Boston.

“We reopen the studios as and when it is safe,” SoulCycle wrote on Twitter. New York gyms are scheduled to start reopening on September 2.

Want to know more about the bike you can buy for home use? The SoulCycle Studio bike is said to be based on the Stages SC2, a premium $ 2,000 spin bike.

The SoulCycle At-Home has a few elements shared with the Stages SC1 step-down model, including a heavier steel frame, slightly smaller seatpost tube, and the modified rear foot grip design.

Here’s a visual comparison of the SoulCycle studio and At-Home bikes, and the two Stages models:

The SoulCycle Studio bike is currently available in UK only, with a delivery time of 2-6 weeks.

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