Steam engines rolled along the parade route of the Old Threshers

Old Threshers has officially begun

Children lined the parade route and waved as classic cars, tractors, steam engines and more passed during the Harvest Day Parade on Wednesday. (AnnaMarie Ward/The Union)

All different types of vintage modes of transportation participated in the Harvest Day Parade. (AnnaMarie Ward/The Union)

This little catwalk fan found a way to cool off in the scorching sun. (AnnaMarie Ward/The Union)

Steam comes out of this engine when the driver reaches out to honk. (AnnaMarie Ward/The Union)

Iowa Wesleyan was well represented in the parade with music, wrestling, basketball and other groups. (AnnaMarie Ward/The Union)

Train driver and jumpsuit-clad Clayton Warner, who will be on September 3, 12, enjoyed watching the tractors and horses go by during the Harvest Day Parade. (AnnaMarie Ward/The Union)

Cody Flietner excitedly threw chewing gum from an Addington Place “Dare to Dream” themed float. (AnnaMarie Ward/The Union)

MT. PLEASANT — On Wednesday, the annual Old Threshers Harvest Day Parade rolled through Mount Pleasant with music, smiles and lots of candy.

Of course, steam engines and tractors littered the Harvest Day Parade, as parade goers got a taste of what Old Threshers is all about, honoring history and celebrating community.

The Mt. Pleasant High School Marching Band, led by the vibrant Color Guard, played upbeat music along the parade route.

The color guard stood out as their neon colors were heard rustling as they passed.

The Sweet 16 contestants smiled and waved as they walked through the parade in their adorable Old Thresher outfits.

Each contestant will be seen throughout the Old Threshers volunteer until September 5th.

Large and small beaten horses pass the parade spectators with many young people delighted to see them in all their equestrian beauty.

“Look, look,” Clayton Warner, almost 3, said excitedly while pointing. “Horse!”

Children also have the opportunity to watch and enjoy horse shows in Old Threshers.

Children and some adults were reminded to stay close to the sidewalk as the parade continued, and the enthusiasm for candies and pictures drove spectators further and further down the street.

With the unique historical features of the meeting, many photo ops were available.

As the parade ended, the community buzzed with excitement in anticipation of the long-awaited reunion of the Old Threshers.


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