Suros Capital signs 1000 partner advisers


Suros Capital has signed 1,000 partner advisers for its short-term loan proposal.

The lender’s loans are secured against alternative assets such as classic cars, jewelry, fine art, watches, and fine wines.

He believes that his success in enrolling his first 1,000 introducers is due to the midstream industry keen to explore alternative sources of funding.

Ray Palmer, Director of Suros Capital, said: “There was a time when bridging loans and short-term loans were synonymous with quick completions and there are still cases where the planets align for accessibility and credit checks, property valuation and the legal process. quickly.

“However, for many clients who need quick access to financing or who have complex financial arrangements that demand a greater burden of proof in today’s regulated world, sources of short-term financing traditional methods are not flexible or fast enough.

“As a result, their advisors are keen to explore alternative sources, like Suros, and can earn up to 2.5% of the gross loan amount for transactions completed at that time.

“People with high-end assets can use them as collateral against a Suros loan without the need for affordability tests, credit checks or excessive paperwork.

“Once an asset has been valued by us, funding is as quick as the client wants and with the asset in our system, additional funding can be released on the same day.”

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