The Crown’s most impressive royal transformations: Elizabeth Debecki as Princess Diana and more

Georgia Brown

The crown is finally back on our screens after Season 5 made its highly anticipated debut on Netflix.

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While Peter Morgan’s dramatic plots about the life of Queen Elizabeth II are sometimes challenged for their timeliness by royal experts, there is one thing The crownViewers are always impressed with – the cast.

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Of course, finding the perfect actor to play a member of the British monarchy is only half the challenge. The rest is in the hands of the award-winning makeup and costume designers, who are responsible for transforming the cast into believable members of the royal family. So what royal transformations has The Crown totally nailed? Scroll below…

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Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana

Season five sees Elizabeth Debicki (succeeding Emma Corrin) take on the role of Princess Diana – and their similarities have been praised by The crownfans of “on the spot”. While the two ladies may share similarities in their looks, the regal resemblance is also due to eagle-eyed Emmy award-winning costume designer Amy Roberts.

Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles

The casting of Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles has been hailed by The crownas being one of the most believable casts in the show’s history. Amid her departure as the now fifth series monarch, fans were quick to air their thoughts on Twitter.

“Heartbroken to remember that Josh O’Connor no longer plays Prince Charles,” wrote one fan, while another wrote, “No one will play Prince Charles like O’Connor.”

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II

Talk to Vogue about her transformation into a young Queen Elizabeth, Clare praised the costume department for their dedication to recreating the late monarch’s wardrobe. “You can’t help but look in the mirror and think, Oh, my God, I’m her” she says.

Erin Doherty as Princess Anne

Princess Anne is a fashionable member of the British royal family. With a penchant for prints, flattering cuts and subtle styling influences from her equestrian career, the Queen’s only daughter is both unique and iconic in her fashion choices – and she’s been influencing trends since before the 1970s .

Erin Doherty portrays an utterly believable royal princess in the Netflix drama’s third and fourth series.

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Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II

During the 1970s, which are described in the third series of The crownthe queen, played by Olivia Colman, opted for a permanent solution to tame her naturally wavy hair: a perm.

Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip

Starring alongside Olivia Colman as the Duke of Edinburgh in series three and four of The crownTobias Menzies embodied Prince Philip’s stoicism and charm, as well as his sharp and dapper style of dress.

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