The famous Argentinian fashion brand Gaucho – Buenos Aires launches the Gaucho Casa Home collection

The Gaucho Casa collection includes Gaucho tableware, lighting and decor and knives using the highest quality natural materials from ethical sources, embodying the rarefied heritage of Buenos Aires

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 4, 2022 / Gaucho – Buenos Aires, Argentina’s newest luxury fashion brand, is now applying Argentina’s cowboy culture, or “gaucho,” to craft home products with a contemporary twist blending the uniqueness of Buenos Aires and charm.

Using the highest quality natural materials ethically sourced from Argentina, each piece in the line embodies the rarefied heritage of Buenos Aires and its deep-rooted connection to craftsmanship. The line includes candles and candlesticks, trays and ice buckets as well as a collection of handcrafted Gaucho knives.

Celebrating the equestrian culture that made ‘gaucho country’ world famous, the collection’s silver-plated trays, wine bottle accessories and sleek homewares with elaborate carved goat horn handles are an epitome of contemporary glamor. from Buenos Aires.

Highlights of the lighting and tableware collection are Alvear Candle Holders, Polished Silver ($395), Palpala Large Square Bucket, Brown Horn, Polished Silver ($795), Olivos Round Tray, Black Horn, Polished Silver ($245) and the Palpala Wine Bottle Holder, Polished Silver ($95). All are hand forged and hammered to precise specifications, and polished to a mirror shine. With their textured surface, goat horns create a natural ergonomic grip, and individual variations in color, size and shape make each bucket a unique piece of craftsmanship.

The knife collection includes the Tandil Gaucho knife with deer horn handle ($95 – $115), the Tandil Gaucho knife with combined bone and Guayubira antler handle, ($95 – $115) and the Tandil Gaucho knife with stag horn and silver nickel handle, ($115-$135). Available in two sizes, 10 inch (5.5 inch blade) and 12.8 inch (7.8 inch blade), these craft knives are meant to be versatile, for indoor or outdoor use – just like the authentic knives that the gauchos have always carried with them. These forever items use only the highest quality materials: corrosion-resistant stainless steel, Guayubira wood from South America, and ethically sourced horn and bone from naturally deceased animals, complete with a leather scabbard to protect the blade. Because Gaucho Casa uses natural materials, there are many small variations in color, pattern and shape that make each knife unique.

Gaucho Casa distills the spirit of gaucho life with its signature elegant aesthetic, and as such is featured in some of Argentina’s most exclusive hotels such as Algodon Mansion in Buenos Aires.

Create your own sanctuary with the collection of silver-plated home accessories and more. Whether you’re looking to embrace the gaucho lifestyle or bring a touch of the countryside to the city, Gaucho Casa offers organic design DNA for every interior space, ideal for modern living.

The collection is available for purchase at while the first-ever standalone Gaucho – Buenos Aires store is set to open in the Miami Design District in summer 2022.

About Gaucho – Buenos Aires

Gaucho – Buenos Aires is a fashion brand inspired by our modern interpretation of the inimitable spirit of the gauchos, those Argentinian wanderers and adventurers who embraced life with boldness and confidence. Gaucho – Buenos Aires leather goods, accessories and ready-to-wear are designed for dynamic global citizens, those who live authentically and freely and explore the modern world with passion and curiosity. Our styles are made to last, with timeless essentials and an unparalleled dedication to quality. Each handcrafted piece combines Argentinian heritage – with its handcrafted skills passed down through generations and the finest local materials – with a modern, cosmopolitan style, designed to fit your life. The result is unique, unforgettable and authentically individual pieces – the best designer brand in Buenos Aires. Gaucho – Buenos Aires is part of Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc. (, which creates luxury experiences, properties and products that celebrate Argentina’s vibrant and distinctive lifestyle. To learn more, visit

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