The Gentleman’s Guide to Shopping for Races – News

Bespoke is probably the route to go and Dubai has a huge selection to choose from.

By Jacquie Doyle

Published: Thu 17 March 2022, 15:29

Men should, in theory, have as much choice as women when it comes to buying the most stylish Dubai World Cup sets. But, do they? When I spend a sandstorm afternoon wandering the mall avenues here, I’m not so sure.

If I were a man, my first choice would probably be Tom Ford, Gucci, or Armani for high-end, classic tailoring. Afterwards, I’m not sure I’ll stay in ready-to-wear. Personally, I haven’t come across a pre-loved shop for men and renting seems to be all about morning suits and the conventional “black tie” evening dress.

Bespoke is probably the route to go and Dubai has a huge selection to choose from. For true sartorial elegance, it would be hard to top the aptly named Italian tailors, Sartoria Rossi at DIFC Gate Avenue or Nakheel Mall on the Palm. With locations in cities around the world, they’re up to date on current trends. Or for those on a more modest budget, a trip to Bur Dubai will take you deep into the heart of men’s tailoring with a host of reasonably priced but highly effective businesses, including Prince Custom Tailors who have covered the backs of some of the best in Dubai.

Buying tips

Don’t miss the chance to wear something fashionable, something ‘you’ for the Dubai World Cup.

Worried about where to shop? No problem, this is where you can shop for the perfect dress, stylish yet comfy shoes and a head-turning hat, all just in time for the big day on March 25th.

Electrical outlets

• City walk

• Dubai Mall

• Marina Shopping Center

• Mall of the Emirates

• Mercato shopping center

• Outlet Mall

• Ibn Battuta Shopping Center

• Oasis Center

• the town of Wafi

Second-hand stores

Retold 6th Street, Al Quoz-1

A two-story emporium of luxury outfits, some never worn and brand new, alongside a host of exceptional accessories (jewelry, hats and shoes) hung alongside treasured vintage numbers.

The luxury closet


If it’s a designer brand you’re looking for but on a lower budget than a designer, you’ll find it here. Gucci, Versace, Chanel and Valentino clothing and shoes, jewelry and hats, all at great prices.

D24 —

Lake View Tower, JLT

The store offers an impressive range of headdresses at very affordable prices (about Dh250 per day) for rent, as well as exquisite and high-end handbags at a slightly higher price. Jewelry that most of us only look at with envy in Vogue magazine can also be rented here. With an incredible range of dresses available between 500 and 1,000 Dh; at less than 1,500 Dh, a lady can prepare for the “Best Dressed” competition during the Dubai World Cup on March 26.

If you’re short on time to shop, pop into Bloomingdales in the Dubai Mall and you can be ready for the departure gates in no time.

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