The horse wears jeans for a specific reason; Internet users delighted with his fashion statement


In an image that went viral on social media, a horse was seen wearing a pair of denim suspenders to keep flies away from the wound on his leg. The incident caught the attention of netizens when a Twitter user Bon Voytas casually shared a photo of his horse wearing braces.

The Twitter handle explained that his better half came up with the DIY idea in which she had the horse wear a denim cut because his leg was injured and flies had to be kept at bay.

Speaking to Twitter, Bon Voytas shared, “My wife’s horse has a problem with flies bothering her leg injury, so she harnessed her PhD and fashioned denim suspenders for him…”

The tweet received over 45,000 likes on the social media portal with over 5,000 retweets. Apparently, the idea wowed internet users as hundreds posted their reactions in the comments section of the post. While few shared their fascination with seeing a horse put on jeans, others couldn’t contain their humor. Let’s take a look at some of the funny reactions from internet users.

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