The launch of a new cycling protection will encourage more women to enjoy cycling

The original chamois padding originated in 1900 as a manufacturer’s solution to genital soft tissue abrasions for male endurance cyclists. The first piece of advice many beginner cyclists get is to buy padded cycling shorts with chamois. It’s not a dumb tax provided by experienced runners. Health and riding comfort are closely linked to the development of bicycle pads.

The first suede seat was suede leather sewn into the lower crotch of the sheepskin shorts, adding softness and reducing friction in the rider’s private parts, but without any padding. With the progress and development of society, non-suede inner pads with built-in pads were introduced around 1980. Not only does this bicycle pad reduce friction, but it also adds cushioning. Almost all women’s cycling pants on the market follow this method of developing new cycling equipment based on male physiological structure.

Matt Powell, a sports retail analyst at NPD Group, once said in an interview with Bloomberg: brands have gradually paid enough attention to women.” Cycling brands are launching cycling apparel specifically designed for women and speaking out for women. But in a 2019 study of 178 female cyclists published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 58% said they sometimes experienced genital numbness and 69% had chronic hip and groin pain. Since men and women differ greatly in their physiological structure, the lack of subversive innovation will not help women have a healthier experience.

Jelenew: born for women, launches revolutionary bike protection

Jelenew is an American women’s professional cycling brand and the world’s leading high fashion professional cycling brand. Its founding team is made up of a group of people who are passionate about cycling. Members are high fashion designers, seasoned bike enthusiasts, digital experts, and more. They came together for the love of cycling and hoped to use Jelenew to play to their professional advantages. When they noticed that traditional cycling pads are very unfriendly to women regarding physical health, function and aesthetics, and that there is a lot of room for optimization, they developed a pad five-point V-shaped riding boots.

Compared with the traditional bicycle cushion, Jelenew designed the seat cushion in a five-point V-shaped distribution design according to the physiological characteristics of female genitalia and strength while riding. Critical stress points, such as the uppers, are thickened to protect key stress areas when women ride. This new type of riding seat cushion can increase the cushioning effect, diffuse pressure distribution, effectively reduce pressure and discomfort while riding, reduce the risk of buttocks and leg numbness and improve blood circulation. It will bring a healthy and comfortable riding experience to female riders. In addition, Jelenew will also apply fashionable wearable technology to the design of cycling equipment, making it more beautiful while maintaining excellent functionality and visually bringing a better riding experience.

Haute couture 3D stitching has the dual feature of art and technology. Jelenew took the initiative to introduce this technique in the design and development of professional cycling clothing, adapting the padding to the shape of the pants and the human body. Issues such as bulge, non-conformity, awkward lines, and easy-to-see private parts camel toe on the front of the cycling pants fit the functionality and fashion aesthetic perfectly.

The founder of Jelenew said, “Our brand was founded with a sense of social responsibility. Our products include two categories, competition series and leisure cycling series. The competition series can meet the needs of professional athletes and senior cyclists in sports and leisure performance.Cycling series provides more practical, practical and realistic cycling equipment for most cycling enthusiasts.It can also consider aesthetics, practicability and life depending on the sports function. We hope our products and brands will have a positive impact and make more women fall in love with cycling.”


Jelenew is an American avant-garde cycling brand born for women. It creates the world’s first truly women’s cycling pants. It brings the revolutionary combination of “Haute Couture and Sportswear” and carefully designs each product with “luxury molding technique” to provide a more refined sports experience and promote a healthy lifestyle for cyclists to enjoy cycling elegant and stylish commuter.


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