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And wherever the celebrations are, the essentials of Cup Day will remain. Fashion editor and podcaster Deni Todorovic says dressing for carnival isn’t all fluffy and fancy, but a way to support many creative industries – fashion, headgear, hair and makeup. Todorovic thinks people should “use it as an opportunity to get together, because we’ve been starving for it, and it’s the perfect opportunity to step out of the tracksuit and enjoy the ritual of really getting dressed. For those who wondering if this is too frivolous a lawsuit in light of all that has happened, Todorovic says: on social change, it can be very powerful.

Samantha Finnegan, founder of Madebox, has a similar message. While her non-perishable spring run picnic food boxes are an easy way to dress up a cocktail and cheese platter (containing items like peach pearls for champagne or truffle honey for brie). ), it is important to her that they serve a purpose beyond making money.

As such, the company works with more than 150 producers, manufacturers and artisans from regions affected by bushfires. Each box comes with a story about the people behind it, which Finnegan says resonated with customers. “You had this opulence in the races, and now we have to reshape our values, and that means looking out for each other and remembering that social interaction is precious. [especially after] he was swept away … with shopping [this year], there is a real opportunity to reconnect.

And maybe the opportunity to reimagine what a racing event looks like. Keebaugh, for his part, believes the pandemic has changed the way we will attend all events.

“We will always have an alignment between real and virtual life, so some people will choose to enjoy the modern event from a remote location. You can have 700 in a room, but 7,000 joining online. And while he advocates values ​​like connection and inclusiveness, his offerings will always have a touch of Cup craziness. In addition to unlimited GH Mumm served by an old-fashioned bellboy named “Mister Mumm,” Keebaugh also hosted cancan girls, a marching band, old-fashioned bookie, and the aforementioned pony as part of the entertainment. Yes, this is his clean version of the races.


Inclusiveness is something milliner Felicity Northeast thinks she’s here to stay as well. “Part of racing is catching up with people, and my favorite part was when you could go in and out and see people. I never really liked it when it got so exclusive that you couldn’t see people in certain areas.

Jo King, executive brand general manager at the Victoria Racing Club, said that while all areas of Flemington will have their different appeal, the pink zone garden experience will be “natural and wild … I am curious and optimistic about the way racing fans will interact in space. We want to live a relaxing experience but also an experience to live with friends. It would be nice to think that this way of being could naturally find its place in the course of the following years. We build and organize beautiful spaces… You have to have an eye on the price and make it memorable, something that people want to come back and do again. ”

For the 2021 Cup carnival, it is indeed time to stop and smell the roses, wherever you are.

Lexus worked with Melbourne chef Charlie Carrington of Atlas Dining.Credit:Marcel Aucar

Not on the right track? Let that get you in the mood

Lot & Co. This line of canned spritz is available in alcoholic flavors such as the guava, strawberry and rosé combo, but non-alcoholic flavors are also available. Co-founder / creator Thomas Kiltorp says wine-based spritzes are “perfect for daytime drinking in the park.”

Peter Rowland. It has long been the go-to caterer for picnics on the rails – making 1.2 million canapes in a typical year – but with its Race Day baskets, the VIP experience comes to you. Poached prawns with kaffir lime and saffron aioli? Yes.

Public house. The popular Richmond hotspot has a two-level rooftop terrace and expects to see a few punters on race days. Its four-hour racing day packages will include one ticket per person and plenty of parking lot-like nibbles.

Lexus. The Melbourne Cup naming rights sponsor will have three recipes available at to create and try at home, thanks to their collaboration with Melbourne chef Charlie Carrington of Atlas Dining, an advocate for durability.

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