Top 20 Western and English influencers

In 2022, it is taste makers and style creators that we follow.

It’s official: “social influencer” is no longer a novelty title. In fact, it’s not just a job either – it’s a marketing strategy in its own right that can yield real, tangible results. This year, we have identified 20 influencers from Western and Anglophone disciplines to follow. Read on to find out who they are, what styles they love, and a few trends they want to see go.


Bethany Aalee

Instagram: @myequestrianstyle
Love: “I really like the way English disciplines and mainstream fashion continue to incorporate Western clothing! I love a western belt, cowboy boots and my favorite: a wide brimmed hat!

Erin Lane

Instagram: @erinlaneequestrian
Love : “For me, everything I wear has to withstand the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a riding career – from meetings at the barn to chores on the ranch to shows. I’m tough on my things, so they have to be comfortable , stain resistant and perform like sportswear.
Dislikes: “What I hate: overpriced, crazy pieces; mass-produced and too trendy items; small size; old-school styles that are stuck in tradition; and clothing that is constricting, uncomfortable, and does not move with you.

Karine Harris

Instagram: @thehunt_eq
Love : “My favorite trend would probably be high waisted briefs.”

Nicolas Mellor

Instagram: @nicolamellor
Love : “I currently love the color blocking on clothes such as the Kingsland KLMelany Hoodie, which I have to get my hands on!”
Dislikes: “The one I wish would go away is tucking a jumper into the waistband of jeans, it’s just the weirdest thing to store such a bulky item!”

Charl Battersby

Instagram: @charl.equestrian
Love : “My favorite fashion trend in the equestrian world is without a doubt riding leggings. They are a game changer – so light, breathable, comfortable and most of them have a pocket big enough to put your phone in without ‘he doesn’t fall off. I now live in riding leggings, I hardly ever wear breeches.

Marina Layton

Instagram: @marinalayton
Love : “One trend that I love is tweed clothing! Tweed is a timeless staple in any wardrobe, especially for fall and winter. It has the power to completely elevate your outfit, leaving you with a super smart look. It’s very popular in the UK for a reason! I’m thrilled it’s making a big comeback to North America.
Dislikes: “One trend that needs to stop, in my humble opinion, would be snake print. I’m not a fan of most animal prints, but snake print in particular makes me nauseous!”

Megan K Cameron – Muscarella

Instagram: @meggoleggos25
Love : “I would love to see amateurs and juniors lean on each other for support. I believe fashion is a very personal choice and can help build confidence in any rider – personal style can be so liberating, and while I personally thrive when I feel classic and chic, I know that might not be the same for my peers, and that’s OK. We all need to learn to embrace our personal style and accept that of others along the way.

Lily Rhodes

Instagram: @lilybrhodes
Love : “One trend I love is mixing English and Western clothing to create truly unique riding outfits!”

Hellen Abram

Instagram: @life_equestrian
Love : “I love seeing the trend for breeches with silicone knee pads. They offer a lot more grip in the saddle and are easy to wash and care for. The smash breeches are my favorite! If you’re looking for more of a fashion trend, I think the clean lines and the use of technical fabrics for the show coats would be best.

Yulia Bratkovkaia

Instagram: @yulia_brat
Love : “It’s funny that not so long ago in English riding we were all very stuck with the shirt tucked into the breeches, with a compulsory belt. And then – boom – the era of leggings came unannounced. And now riding leggings are an integral part of our lives. I love that we finally have side pockets on all the new pants designs.


Marijka Hunsaker

Instagram: @marijka_dam
Love : “My favorite fashion trend right now is cowboy boots. These are the new sneakers for this season. I’ve seen fashionable cowboy boots worn in all kinds of different settings. I personally loved seeing cowboy boots styled with contemporary styles in big cities and I also loved seeing cowboy boots styled in rural America by western fashionistas! can be worn by anyone and the boots will continue to exist for centuries.

Cait Luca

Instagram: @cowgirl.cait
Love : “For me, western women, cowgirls and fashion have always been synonymous with strength, beauty and grace, while remaining elegant. On the other hand, I hope that turquoise, serape (I I’m an AZ girl, after all), the vintage finds (obsessed with the Rockies) and the handmade items by women will never go out of style. One of my favorite things about being a member of this community is being able to collaborate with other women small business owners and creators.”

Sam Woton

Instagram: @retro.amiga
Love : “My favorite trend so far is the expansion of western fashion. We’re starting to see must-have western pieces like cowboy hats, boots, voluminous hair, turquoise, men’s jeans, etc. blend with modern trends like grunge, street style, bohemian etc. We see our heritage and lifestyle impacting other fashion trends, blending the two personalities.The versatility is absolutely amazing.

celeste jones

Instagram: @celesteofthewest
Love : “Love the gritty western vibe, recreating outfits from classic western movies! Pearl snaps, layers, platforms, dirt – love it all!

Brianna Pafford

Instagram: @pretty.stumped
Love : “My favorite trends are leather/fringe and retro western.”

Gabrielle Sauge

Instagram: @western.sage
Love : “I think more than ever we’ve seen vintage pieces go mainstream and I love it! I wear at least something from a thrift store every day and it’s not only amazing to wear clothes that have a story, but it’s so important to reduce the waste that fast fashion produces. Wearing vintage is also a great way to ensure you have fantastic fashion pieces that no one else does!

Mackenzie Kimbro

Instagram: @kenziegk
Love : “I will say – one hurdle I encounter every fall, when the range of printed cardigans, sweaters and beaded snaps come along – is that so many beautiful prints are done in a horizontally oriented pattern, which doesn’t isn’t the most flattering style on all body types!I’d love to see more of these gorgeous prints done in a vertical orientation, so we’ve got a few options that might help elongate looks instead of widening them.

Kiley Cude

Instagram: @transpecosmama
Love : “My favorite trend/look that I don’t want to see anywhere is high waisted jeans. It took me a long time to get on the train with them, but I don’t think I could go back to a low waist.
Trends she hates: “On the other hand, I would love to see the shacked trend disappear. I never feel like they flatter me and I always withdraw from the shacked group. I know that’s probably an unpopular opinion, but it’s just not for me.

Mikayla Woodzell

Instagram: @wranglin.m
Love : “As for current trends, I love all the retro and old-school styles that are coming back. All the corduroy and suede, the high waisted jeans, all the Pendleton prints, I love it all! Honestly, no matter the trend, I think everyone should wear what makes them happy and comfortable – create your own style and set your own trends.

Lucie Clemetson

Instagram: @reata_rose
Love : “My favorite trend is vintage western fashion, but specifically smiley arrow pockets. Originally created in the 1930s to keep pockets from tearing for work shirts, I love how they’ve gone through the decades giving an elegant and chic look.It is a signature look in western fashion today.

Excerpt from the January 2022 issue of W&E today, the ultimate resource for western retailers from publishers of Cowboys and Indians.

Photography: (all images) courtesy of influencers

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