Trinity School Announces Hall of Honor ’22 Inductees

MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) – Trinity School of Midland has announced the inductees to this year’s Hall of Honor 2022. This year’s four winners had achievements ranging from artist and designer to Olympic equestrian rider.

“It’s just a fun thing to be able to celebrate different people and tell them how great a job they do,” Carrie Hawkins said.

This year’s Trinity School Hall of Honor inductees are Carrie Hawkins, Class of 2006, Will Faudree, Class of 2001, Joe De Dompiegne, Class of 1975 and Jo Weber, a former teacher at the school.

This is the seventh year that Trinity has recognized alumni and faculty who have brought honor to the school in their professional careers and community service.

“I always hoped that I would make my teachers proud here at trinity and I feel really lucky to be honored today because I feel like how I got to where I am now is due to the things I learned here our teachers taught us so much more than education,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins has her own business called Pearly Gates Designs where she incorporates trendy watercolor illustrations. His pieces can be found in Dillard stores across the country.

“It’s a very loving place. I think everyone, every teacher here, is so concerned about the lives of children that they really want every child to succeed,” Joanne Weber said.

Weber taught at Trinity for 55 years and only recently retired last May, she says despite all her years at school it never felt like a job.

When asked about their experience at Trinity, all winners said the school had a strong sense of community support that helped them succeed.

Olympic equestrian rider Will Faudree says the key to success is just…

“Keep going, you’re going to hit bumps in the road, there’s going to be things that constantly get in your way, but you just have to keep going,” Faudree said.

All winners will be celebrated at the Hall of Honor dinner and ceremony at Trinity on October 27.

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