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The Horse, General Livestock, and Milk Quality and Products teams traveled to invitational competitions in preparation for the upcoming state competition. The Milk and Product Quality team must determine the following: milk defects and their scores, whether a product is dairy or non-dairy and the fat content of the product, the somatic cell count of a reservoir sample in bulk using the California Mastitis test and types of cheese and its characteristics.

Participants also take a test at the start of the competition. General livestock students judge two classes of cattle, pigs, goats and sheep based on market and livestock characteristics. They also have a test, a women’s selection class and a market grid that must be completed. The equine team must identify harness equipment, judge two halter classes, judge two performance classes, answer questions about those classes, and judge one class with a script. They also have a review on the equine science horse industry.

At the Mount Gilead Invitational, the General Breeding Team ranked 24th with Sam Wilhelm at 20th, Nathan Deere at 123rd, Meegan McClorey at 131st, Ollie Richards at 182nd, and Bryce Stambaugh at 233rd. The Milk and Product Quality team placed 1st in this competition with Marah Kerns in 1st place, Kendra Baccus in 4th, Paige Campbell in 12th, Mason Farmer in 24th and McKayla Mills in 25th. At the Marysville Invitational, the overall breeding team placed 13th. Individual Nathan Deere placed 11th, Samuel Wilhelm 36th, Jonathan Hildebrand 172nd, Meegan McClorey 239th, Ollie Richards 336th and Bryce Stambaugh 413th. The Milk and Product Quality team ranked 2nd in this competition. Individually, Marah Kerns placed 2nd, Kendra Baccus 4th, McKayla Mills 7th, Paige Campbell 19th and Mason Farmer 26th.

Faith Denkewalter was the only person from Urbana to enter the horse show. At the Marysville Invitational, she placed 46th as a team and 19th individually.

At the Ashland Invitational, the overall breeding team placed 13th with Jonathan Hildebrand at 52nd, Nathan Deere 64th, Ollie Richards 65th, Meegan McClorey 138th and Samuel Wilhelm 149th. The Milk and Product Quality Team placed 1st as a team with Marah Kerns in 1st place, Kendra Baccus 9th, McKayla Mills 10th, Paige Campbell 22nd and Mason Farmer 26th. The Equine Team, aka Faith, placed 30th as a team and Faith placed 62nd individually.

Pictured is Faith Denkewalter, Equine Assessment.

Pictured are the Milk Quality Products team: Marah Kerns, Kendra Baccus, Paige Campbell and Mason Farmer.

Pictured are the Livestock Assessment Team: Bryce Stambaugh, Jonathan Hildebrand, Nathan Deere, Sam Wilhelm, Ollie Richards and Meegan McClorey.

Marah Kerns represents Urbana Future Farmers of America.

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