What are you wearing in the market?


A Single Market in June hosts a summer approach to market dressing with many lively patterned dresses, bright colors, and cute sneakers.

Lisa Mende, Lisa Mende Design: “When I pack my bags for High Point Spring Market, I always like to take dresses. Dresses are easy because you can put on a pair of tennis shoes or mules and have a complete outfit. This dress is from Farm Rio and happens to be one of my current favorites, so I’m sure it will make the packaging cut. My goal is to always plan ahead – five outfits that I can quickly put on each morning and be out on my dates. Dresses can carry you events from morning to night, so they’re still one of my favorite choices for the market where work days can turn into fun events for dinner.

Autumn Pochiro, Autumn Dawn Design: “One of my favorite things to wear in the summer is a maxi dress with pockets! This floral print and bright, bold color brings so much energy when worn. I love the way the fabric swings on a maxi; it can be casual bohemian or dressed up with a pretty jacket. Roopa Pemmaraju made this dress for Anthropologie. And that adorable, overrated necklace – I picked it up from Cashiers with a few of my favorite ladies from the designer family on a recent trip.

Kurt Jacob Miller, Jacob Lukas Design: “I’m known for my colorful blazers, and this light Italian blazers from ISAIA is a favorite (plus I wore it four years ago when I first met Jane Dagmi. at LCDQ in LA). I collect antique lapel pins and this Victorian diamond and gold takes the classic blue up a bit, as does the shiny pocket square. “

Cheryl Luckett, Cheryl Dwell: “For me this year’s market wardrobe is all about the excitement of having a reason to get dressed and the comfort we’ve grown used to over the past year. I kiss them both without any apologies, so give me all the cute girly dresses and comfort sneakers please! I’m a sucker for saturated colors and this sunny Kate Spade carnation number had my name written all over it. Not to mention, optimistic orange seemed to be hitting just the right note in terms of how I’m feeling lately. “

Lauren Clement, Lauren Nicole Designs: “Green is my favorite color. It just makes me happy, reminds me of beautiful endless fields of grass to gallop through. My creations are inspired by nature and my childhood in the equestrian world. When I found this Sofia peasant dress at a local boutique, I knew I wanted to wear it to the Market. Paired with the natural woven earrings, this outfit perfectly represents my design style. Texture, color, style, all wrapped up in a comfortable silhouette that will make my day at the market both enjoyable and enjoyable, my exact feelings for my design projects. “

Shayla Copas, Shayla Copas Interiors: “I will be at the High Point Market to show the products of my collection with Chelsea House. Because a lot of the products are fashion inspired, I like to accentuate the product line with my wardrobe. I will definitely be carrying my Chanel coral handbag! The chain link strap actually influenced the honeycomb details that are depicted in my products. Since I was a “color girl”, I love the bright coral color accented by the gold hardware. Plus, it’s the perfect size to carry everything I need for a day at the market. “

Keia McSwain, Kimberly + Cameron Interiors: “My new Odsy 1000 sneakers are my new must-haves for Summer Market. They inaugurate shades of powder pink perfectly associated with gray and black. They can almost be worn with anything. I try to pair them with dresses even if they look pretty good with jeans. These are my new favorites. My Soraya mini dress by Hanifa sets the tone for the front row! With wine and white complementing each other perfectly, to create a sexy pattern set, I couldn’t ask for a better dress. The sleeves will keep me warm inside buildings and the length balances the piece for the season.

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