Who were the youngest and oldest medalists at the Tokyo Olympics?



The Tokyo Olympic Games offered us unforgettable moments when the human spirit triumphed despite the countless obstacles placed in their path. The athletes devoted countless hours of work, regardless of the challenges posed by the pandemic, such as anxiety and morbid fears, to help them prepare for the event. Age was not a barrier as the athletes competed against others who are either much younger than them or much older than them. Here are the oldest and youngest participants to win a medal at the Tokyo Olympics

The oldest participants to win an Olympic medal

1) Andrew Hoy

Australian Andrew Hoy became the oldest Australian Olympian to step onto the podium, as he shone in past competitions that were years younger than him to win silver in the equestrian event. The five-time medalist continues the 3 gold medals he won in previous editions, with a silver and bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. “It’s very, very special. We don’t come to these championships, especially the Olympics, to finish fourth, fifth or sixth. We only come to get a medal, and look, it’s been a team effort. complete. I have a fantastic horse. I know I have been to [eight] Olympics, but I did it with fantastic horses, and Vassily de Lassos is one of the greatest horses in the world, ”Hoy said after his victory, reports The Guardian.

2) Abdullah Al-Rashidi

Kuwaiti Abdullah Al-Rashidi became one of the oldest Olympians to win a medal by winning bronze in the men’s clay pigeon shooting event at the Tokyo Olympics. Unfortunately for Al-Rashidi, he was unable to celebrate with his country’s anthem due to his competition as an individual athlete and Kuwait’s ban from participating by the IOC. Al-Rashidi didn’t care to break protocol as he draped his country’s flag with pride and joy around him after his victory. “I’m so happy to see my Kuwaiti flag and my second Olympic medal,” he said after his victory, reports First Post.

3) Dorothée Schneider

Dorothy Schneider rewrote history by becoming the oldest female medalist at the Tokyo Olympics, the 52-year-old German pulled off the feat with her teammates Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Isabell Werth. Schneider’s victory was very special as she came back to win after a traumatic accident in which the horse she was riding died and left her with a broken collarbone. “It was hard to believe, first the equine virus then the accident … At first I couldn’t talk about it at all, to be honest. But then I worked on it mentally. I got some. talked a lot with my husband and with a mental coach, and it’s important that it’s worth it, ”Schneider told Reuters after his accident.

The youngest participants to win an Olympic medal

1) Rayssa Léal

Brazilian Rayssa Leal made her name in the history books as the youngest Brazilian to win a medal at the Tokyo Olympics. The 13-year-old star took home silver at the inaugural skateboarding event in a stunning way, leaving audiences around the world mesmerized. The Flying Fairy was even recognized by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk for his exploits.

2) Momoji Nishiya

The skateboarding event at the Tokyo Olympics saw some of the youngest participants strutting in front of the global audience, and Japan’s Momoji Nishiya used the stage to shine the most. The 13-year-old stunned the crowd and beat stiff competition from Rayssa Leal to clinch gold, becoming Japan’s youngest gold medalist.

3) Kokona Hiraki

Kokona Hiraki left audiences in awe as she became Japan’s youngest medalist by winning silver in women’s skateboarding at the Tokyo Olympics. The college girl started skating at the age of five under the influence of her mother’s love for the sport. These skateboarding champions showed us why age is not a barrier to winning against the best in the world.


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