Why Dylan Dreyer left the United States last week

Meteorologist and co-host Dylan Dreyer was absent from Today’s show for a good part of June, but not without reason. The 40-year-old broadcaster traveled to the UK this month for the Royal Ascot racecourse. She brought back lively coverage of the equestrian event and delighted her Instagram followers in the process.

Dreyer first shared his experience in England on Friday June 17 with an Instagram post showing off five photos and videos. She wrote: “Some Windsor time with my mum!! So excited to be back for Royal Ascot [Racecourse]!! See you soon on [The Today Show] and tomorrow on [NBC]!!” The post showed Dreyer and his mother seeing the sights and enjoying the ongoing festivities in the UK where the Royal Family is still celebrating the Queen’s 70 years on the throne.

Dreyer’s next post showed her and her mom all dressed up for a day at the racetrack in patterned dresses and matching hats. She wrote: “We are very British. Or we are very good tourists, it’s more like that!!! Thank you [Cam Hats NYC] for preparing us for Ascot!!”

Another message confirmed that Dreyer and her mother had come prepared with more than enough outfits for this mission. The presenter wrote: “Royal Ascot cover is complete! I think my mum loves my work!” After that, Dreyer returned to New York to share her experience both on video and in the studio with her co-hosts.

Dreyer has become a fan-favorite face on NBC’s morning talk show circuit. She is co-host of the third hour of Today and meteorologist for NBC News – having recently left weekend today. Dreyer grew up in New Jersey and earned his degree there in meteorology at Rutgers University. Like many broadcast journalists, she traveled for work for a time, taking jobs in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Boston before moving to New York for national jobs.

Dreyer is married to NBC News producer and cameraman Brian Fichera. Together they have three sons, and fans have become invested in Dreyer’s parenting stories on TV and social media. Her family were clearly happy to have her back in her first job when she returned from England last week. Unless she has any other surprise missions in store for her audience, we can assume she’ll be back. Today’s show In Monday.

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